Installation & Updating


First, obtain Python3 (tested on V3.7). If you haven’t used python before, we recomend installing it through anaconda.


All of the You Tube examples shown here use Jupyter Lab, which is an easy-friendly editor that will be installed along with Anaconda.

Thermobar can be installed using pip in one line. If you are using a terminal, enter:

pip install Thermobar

If you are using Jupyter Notebooks or Jupyter Lab, you can also install it by entering the following code into a notebook cell (note the !):

!pip install Thermobar

You then need to import Thermobar into the script you are running code in. In all the examples, we import Themobar as pt.:

import Thermobar as pt

This means any time you want to call a function from Thermobar, you do pt.function_name.

If you want to use the machine learning models, you will need to pip install a second package, see this page for more instructions


To upgrade to the most recent version of Thermobar, type the following into terminal:

pip install Thermobar --upgrade

Or in your Jupyter environment:

!pip install Thermobar --upgrade

For maximum reproducability, you should state which version of Thermobar you are using. If you have imported Thermobar as pt, you can find this using: