Introduction and Citation

Welcome to Thermobar - An Open-Source python3 tool for performing mineral and mineral-melt thermobarometry, hygrometry and chemometry.

This tool is published in volcanica: Please make sure you cite if it you use it! Software development takes time, and academia doesnt always realize the effort it takes. However, they do understand citations

Please also reference the original paper for the equation you have choosen as well as Thermobar.

For example, you might say in your paper “We calculated plagioclase-liquid temperatures and water contents by iterating equation 23 of Putirka (2008) with the hygrometer of Waters and Lange (2015) using the iterative algorith implemented in the Python3 tool Thermobar (v.0.07, Wieser et al. 2021).

This tool is constantly in development. We welcome user feedback/requests for new functions to be included. You can either email the lead author (penny_wieser (at), or post a enhancement request/report of a bug on the Issue page of the github page.


Thermobar performs all calculations in Kelvin for temperature, kbar for Pressure. If you want results in Celcius, you simply have to subtract 273.15 from results.